For those travelling by car, our 24-hour covered parking garage is located beneath the Royal Centre, with a total capacity of approximately 688 vehicles.

The parkade provides for easy access to the shopping Centre, our office towers and the Hyatt Regency Hotel. At Royal Centre we are committed to providing parking that is clean, safe and secure and as a result we have received safe parking designation, which is reserved for parkades that employ best practices in safety and security.

Royal Centre Parkade
Imperial Parking

General Phone: (604) 602-9644
Fax: (604) 689-9626


For all Parking Inquiries and further information on Daily, Monthly Reserved and Unreserved Rates, please contact Impark at the above and reference Lot 1777 or contact Impark Monthly Parking Department at (1-877-909-6199)

Car Wash Services
Car wash services are available to monthly parkers through Velocity Car Wash & Auto Detailing.
Velocity Car Wash & Auto Detailing is located in the underground parking garage on level three (P3). This service is provided on a first come first served basis. For booking or car wash rate information, please contact 604-662-8364;or mobile at 605-825-4563, via email:  website: or visit them on the P-3 level.